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Q1.  What if my screen starts to fall off after you fix it?

If you have any problems with your screen at all after the repair you can bring it by and let us take care of it under our 180 day warranty FREE of charge. As long as you did not damage the part, the fix will be completely free of charge.

Q2.  What if my touch sensitivity is not the same after the repair?

Here at iPad Repair NYC we use high quality parts and not remanufactured parts. They carry the same sensitivity as your original screen along with the same thickness and durability. If it isn’t working right after we fix it. Bring it by and we’ll replace the screen again until it works perfectly!

Q3.  Someone told me that you can’t change parts on the iPad because it will break.

You can change almost any part on any device. If you know what your doing you can change the front camera, back camera, buttons, ports, and obviously screens. If not, we would not be in business. Don’t let people tell you what we can and can’t do. Call us and find out for yourself!

Q4.  Is it worth fixing my iPad?

OF COURSE IT IS! A new iPad is more than $500; why not fix it for a fraction of the price and keep all your information on that same device. It’s economical and faster!

Q5. I watched a video online on how to fix an iPad screen, why should I pay you to do it?

Although it does seem easy to change the screen, it really is not. In the videos, they do not show you which spots are sensitive to heat, where if too much heat is applied it can end up permanently damaging your device. In addition, the parts you may be buying could not be warrantied or even worse, of lower quality than the original screen. Leave it up to the professionals to do the professional work and hand your device back in great shape.

Q6. How long does a cracked iPad screen repair usually take?

The repair of a broken iPad screen generally takes about 1 hour depending on how bad the frame of the iPad is and how damage the glass is. However, we can almost always get the iPad back the same day.

Q7. What happens if I walk out with my iPad and it stops working 2 days later?

We offer a 180 day warranty with all our repairs STANDARD. What does this mean? As long as you have no damage to your screen again, you can bring it back for any problems within 180 days and we will take care of it free. This warranty comes standard with our repairs for no extra charge.

Q9. Why should I come to you?

There are several reasons; however, I will list a few. We have competitive pricing, experienced technicians who have all went through proper training, we give a standard warranty, and a quick turnaround time!

Q10. What is considered LCD damage?

If the image on your display is distorted whatsoever, that is considered LCD damage and not the screen. This means that the internal screen has damage to it and must be replaced.

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